What is bootstrap

To design the front end of a website, most of the people use html, css, javaScript. Apart from these languages, the framework can be used in front end web design. Bootstrap is a framework of html, css and javaScript. Its use responsive website design. To be done, Bootstrap is supported by almost all Web Browser. With the help of Bootstrap, you can design a fast website. It contains pre define classes which are used.

What is Responsive Design

A website can be opened by the user in different screen size devices like computer, laptop, mobile etc .. The website's automatic adjustment of the screen size of the device is called responsive website design. It is necessary to make the website responsive in order to be able to use it easily.

Why to use bootstrap ?

1 can design a responsive web site with the help of bootstrap

It is easy to use 2 bootstrap which has basic knowledge of html and css, it can use it easily.

3 bootstrap supports almost all browsers.

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