What is CSS

The full form of CSS is cascading style sheet. It is case-insensitive language. It is applied in html tag. It provides additional feature to html. Can not use css without html to decorate webpage or design colorful, attractive Let's use css for

History of CSS

In 1996, an organization named css named w3c (world wide web consortium) developed css version css1, css2, css3.

What is an element?

The opening tag, attribute, closing tag together is called element, it also contains the text written between the opening and closing tag.

element example

What is id name?

id names are normal text, you can give any name in value by using id attribute in html tag, in addition to letter in name you can use special characters ($, _, @ etc ..), number.

example :- <p id=”p1” > paragraph </p>

What is a class name?

Class names are normal text, using the class attribute in the html tag, you can give any name to the value, in addition to the letter in the name you can use special characters ($, _, @ etc ..), number.

example :- <p class=”cls1”> paragraph </p>

Why use CSS?

With 1 html we can create the structure of the webpage but cannot decorate it.

You can decorate the web page by writing some line code of 2 css.

From 3 css, you can change the background, text, images, link, table etc .. the color, position, alignment etc. of all these.

Using 4 css saves time because you can use the same webpage design in multiple webpage or html file.

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