What is Ms Excel ?

Microsoft excel is a computer application spread sheet program. It is developed by Microsoft. Microsoft Excel is also called Ms Excel. It is a part of Microsoft office. With the help of Ms Excel, you can store the data in a table. In addition to storing data, it can work with mathematical calculation, pie chart, bar etc .. The excel file is called workbook, you can decorate the text of the workbook file and display it in different font style, save it in the computer and can change it in the workbook file if needed.

There are many versions of Microsoft office like Ms office 2007, 2010, 2013 etc ..

Note: - Most of the computers, laptops have Ms office installed so they are not telling you to install.

How to open Ms Excel ?

You can open Ms excel in three ways -

First way: using start button

1 start button icon

To open Ms excel, click on start button, clicking on Start button, a list of many programs / software will appear, Ms excel will be found in this list, by clicking on it, Ms excel will be open.

Another way: using Type here to search

2 type here to search

To open Ms excel, type ms excel or excel in the type here to search box. Computer or laptop will have ms excel display in the list of program / software and click on it to open ms excel.

Note: - window 7, 8, xp etc .. all have search box to search the program / software.

Third method: using Run command

With the help of run command, ms can open excel, for this , press the windows + r button of the keyboard, a box will open, type excel in it, then click ok or press enter button.

run command - amcodestar

ms excel will be open. When Ms excel is open, this kind of option is displayed in the screen -

ms excel start open screen

1 Recent

Have been file that Excel has become the first and save on his computer list Recent would make the display on if any Ms Excel file translation will not see a list in recent.

2 Workbook

In the workbook list, first of all there is the option of blank workbook, select it to learn Ms excel.

Apart from this, there is a preformatted workbook sheet made in it, you can also use this workbook to create a file. This workbook is of different design and click on it to open any workbook provided to use it, after this The text / number displayed in the workbook can change / delete according to the requirement and change its font style, color etc .. In this way you can create an excel file.

Note: To learn the beginner student Ms excel select blank workbook.

A new workbook file opens by clicking on the Blank workbook. This type of screen display is in a computer or laptop.

ms excel open screen

3. What is gridlines ?

The lines that are horizontal and vertical display in the workbook are called gridlines. You can also hide these lines. For this, there is an option of gridlines in the show group of the view tab, on unchecking it the gridlines are hidden and on checking the gridlines will be displayed again.

4. How many rows and columns are there in ms excel?

ms excel may have different row and column numbers in different versions. Here some version of excel and their row column is given.

Excel Versions Rows Columns

MS Excel 2003 65536 256

MS Excel 2007 1048576 16384

MS Excel 2010 1048576 16384

MS Excel 2013 1048576 16384

MS Excel 2016 1048576 16384

In ms excel, a, bc, .. These are all called columns. Press ctrl + right arrow button to go to the last column. Then press ctrl + left arrow button to come to the first column. Similarly, go to the last row. Press ctrl + down arrow button to press ctrl + up arrow button to come to the first row again.

5. What is a cell in ms excel ?

A small box consisting of horizontal and vertical line in a workbook is called a cell. In excel, we write all the data in the cell, we can change its color. Here are some versions of excel and the number of their total cells.

Excel Versions Total Cells

MS Excel 2003 16777216

MS Excel 2007 17179869184

MS Excel 2010 17179869184

MS Excel 2013 17179869184

MS Excel 2016 17179869184

6. What is the Name box in ms excel ?

In Ms excel, there is a name box under the left side under the ribbon, in which the name of the cell is displayed, the name of all the cells is uniquely different, and clicking on any cell, its name will be displayed in this box.

Example -: clicked here in column A and 1 row cell. Hence A1 displaying in the name box.

ms excel name box - amcodestar

7 What is a Formula bar in ms excel ?

Ms excel has a formula bar under the ribbon on the right side, the formula typed in the cell is displayed in it. If the cell does not have a formula, the text typed in the cell is displayed in it. There is a drop down icon in the right side of the formula bar, by clicking on it, you can increase the size of the formula bar.

ms excel formula bar - amcodestar

Example -: clicked here in column B and 1 row cell. Formula = 2 + 3 is typed in this cell, the result of which is displayed in cell B1 and the formula bar is displayed in this cell.

ms excel formula bar

Example -: clicked here in column A and 1 row cell. This cell is not formula type, so in the formula bar, the text sum 2,3 displayed in this cell is being displayed.

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