What is HTML

The Full Form or Full Name of HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language. It is a Markup Language. It is used to create web page and web application. HTML is easier and simpler language than Programming language. It is case insensitive language to element web page. To display in it, we use the tag, with the help of this language, the structure of the web page is created.

History of HTML

The HTML language was developed by Tim Berners lee. The version of html is as follows

1 HTML 1.0 1991

2 HTML 2.0 1995

3 HTML 3.2 1997

5 HTML 4.01 1999

6 HTML 5.0 2008

What is HTML Element?

The opening tag, attribute, closing tag together is called element, it also contains the text content written between the opening and closing tag, all of them are called combination element.

html element

What is HTML Tag?

The tag pair consists of what is called the opening and closing tag. The tag name is written between less than (<) and grater than (>) symbol. The closing tag name is symbolized by forward slash (/) before writing.

example:- <opening tag> - - - </closing tag>

The html tag decides how and where to display a text, content, image etc… in a web page. All tags perform different tasks. Some tags do not have closing tags, which are called empty tags.

example :- <br> tag (break line) , <hr> tag (Horizontal rule)

What is HTML attributes ?

In html, use the attribute to give additional information of element, except some tag has the attribute of all html tag which is used when required, it writes the attribute after the tag name in the opening tag quoting its value (" Under "), the attribute name and value are case sensitive, they should always be written in lower case or small letter.

Example :- <opening tag attribute name = “value”>………</closing tag>

Example:- <p align =”center”> This is a paragraph </p>

You can use more than one attribute of an html tag, if you use more than one attribute in one html tag, it is necessary to give space between the attributes.

Example :- <img src=" " alt=" " width=" " height=" ">

Here src, alt, width, height are all these attributes.

why learn html?

1 is easier and simpler language than html programming language.

2 html is used to create a website.

3 Only you can create a static web page with the help of html.

4 html is a case insensitive language that means you can use small and capital letters in html tag.

HTML Prerequisite

It is necessary to have basic computer knowledge before learning html.

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