What is javaScript

JavaScript is high level, open source, interpreted programming language. It is case-sensitive language. Use javaScript in website front end development. There are other languages that can be used but javaScript is the most popular language for website front end development. Therefore, its usage is more, almost all web browsers support it. With its help, event, action perform etc .. is done in client side (client machine).

history of javaScript

javascript was developed by brendan eich in 1995 Brenden eich worked at netscape company javaScript was first renamed mocha in may 1995, livescript in September 1995 and then renamed javaScript in December 1995.

What is a compiler and interpreter ?

javaScript is an interpreter programming language. It uses the interpreter to run the code. All programming includes the compiler and the interpreter uses one of these to run the code. The basic difference between these two is.

Example :
The compiler converts the code to an intermediate file format first and then runs the code as a .class (byte code) file is created in the java programming language while no intermediate file is created in the interpreter programming language at the same time execute the line by line. Or run.

javaScript uses the interpreter to run the code. All web browsers already have an interpreter. There is no need to download any interpreter separately.

What is programming language ?

The language which has the capability of decision making is called Programming language, html and css is not programming language to be used in web development, create the structure of website from html while decorate, design etc .. from css.

Programming language has conditions such as which condition, action, event or code to run when it comes, it has the capability of taking desion in programming language.

javaScript the client side scripting language

A website consists of front end and backend programming language. front end programming language includes html, css, javaScript etc .. backend programming language uses php etc .. backend language runs in server machine and front end language client machine (computer etc ..). Hosting website in server machine has backend language run in server, front end language is not run, javaScript is frontend language, it is run in client machine (computer etc ..) so it is called client side scripting language.

why learn javaScript ?

There are four main reasons to use javaScript to create a web page.

1 Adding a function to a webpage like - run timer in webpage, add event

2. Validate form in client machine (computer / laptop)

3. Communicating with server

4 Controlling the text, image, color etc. displayed in the web page


Must have basic knowledge of html and css before learning javaScript

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