What is jQuery

jQuery javascript that is a lightweight, open source library file javaScript is a programming language but jquery is not a separate designing or programming language in which the common task of javaScript is stored as a method or function so it is called library file of javaScript Can use jQuery instead of javascript code.

version of jQuery

jQuery was developed by john resig The version of jQuery is as follows: -

Version No. Release Date

1.0 26,August,2006

1.1 14,January,2007

1.2 10, September, 2007

1.3 14, January, 2009

1.4 14, January, 2010

1.5 31, January, 2011


advantage of jQuery

1 Compared to javaScript, less code has to be written in jQuery, in which the same output can be achieved by writing some line code.

2 jQuery saves time and memory space

3 jQuery work fast

4 jQuery is supported by almost all browsers

needed software and files for learning jQuery

1 code editor: - notepad, notepad ++, sublime, bracket, adobe dreamweaver etc .. You can use one of these code editor.

2 Web Browser: - google chrome, opera etc .. can use any one browser.

3 library file / CDN link: - To learn jQuery you can use jQuery library file or jQuery CDN link.


Before learning jQuery, it is necessary to have basic knowledge of html, css, javaScript.

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