How to use Php ?

There are two ways to use Php -

First method:

Download and install 1 php from their website

2 download and install a database software oracle or mysql to store data

3 Use the command prompt to run php code.

Note : - The use of this method is very less, so we are not giving more information about it.

Second method:

Download AMP (Apache, MySQL, PHP) software to learn php

1 Apache: - apache runs by interpreting the code of php it works like a web server

2 MySQL: - stores MySQL data, it works like a database server

AMP is available for all operating systems

like :-

WAMP (Windows , Apache, MySQL, PHP)

LAMP (Linux , Apache, MySQL, PHP)

MAMP (Mac , Apache, MySQL, PHP)

SAMP (Solaris , Apache, MySQL, PHP)

XAMPP (Cross , Apache , MySQL , PHP, Perl)

You can use XAMPP in all operating systems, download it or install and install the AMP (Apache, MySQL, PHP) software, recommended by your operating system.

If run in php server , what to do to learn it ?

The computer's web browser cannot run php language, it can only run the front end language used in web development and Php is a server side programming language. Its code runs in the server web hosting for learning php language ( server) There is no need to purchase, instead of web server, use local server to learn php.

how to run Php code in computer

Using wamp server here

Install wamp after downloading it from their website

It c drive in the install is done

After installing, the c drive à wamp 64 à www folder will appear inside the c drive, inside this www folder, php file is kept.

create first php file

Write the code given below with the help of any code editor

example 1

file name : example.php


echo "php example";


Where to save php file ?

The file on C Drive À Wamp 64 À Www the folder in a file name with the .php extension with to save

Like here, this file is saved as example.php.

how to run Php file ?

To run 1 Php file, first of all double click on the icon of the wamp server and start (run).

2 To run this php file, open the browser and type



how to run php file example

Why need a local server ?

Php is the server side scripting language, interpreter its code in the run server, cannot currently place the web page or website in the server because it is not free for this, hosting and domain name have to be

AMP (Apache MySQL PHP) software is used to test php code and run the code. This software provides work and facility like a server. It runs in our own computer or laptop. From this, php can learn AMP server computer It runs so it is called local server.

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