what is PHP

Php stand for php: Hypertext preprocessor. It is case-sensitive, open source, interpreted programming language. Use front end and back end language to complete a website. With its help, we can create a dynamic website, php is the server side programming language, so its code cannot be run without a server or local server.

History of PHP

Php language was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994 and its first version was launched in 1995. Php was first named Personal home page, later renamed Php: hypertext preprocessor.

PHP tag

Use of tag to write php code, its syntax is as follows -

Syntax : <?php - - - - - ?>

What is programming language

The language which has the capability to take decision is called Programming language. Programming language has conditions such as which action, event or code to run when the condition comes, this capability is in the programming language to take desion. The language that has the capability to make decisions is the programming language. Most of the programming language has a compiler or interpreter to use either of these to run their code.

What is a compiler and interpreter

In most programming languages, the compiler or interpreter uses either of these to run the code. There is some basic difference between these two.

Example :
The compiler converts the code to an intermediate file format first and then runs the code as a .class (byte code) file is created in the java programming language while there is no intermediate file in the interpreter programming language. The code that is created is executed by line at the same time, or interpreter is used to run Php code.

What is the difference between Front end language and Back end language ?

On creating a website, the front end mostly uses php etc .. language in html, css, javaScript and backend. Contains run in the language server machine. A complete website front end and backend consist of both types of language.

To know how the website works, read the chapter on html's internet.

Why use php in web development ?

1 php works easier and faster than other programming languages like jsp

2 php supports all operating systems (Windows, MAC, LINUX etc ..) so it can run on any platform.

3 You can easily use html tag in Php.

4 You can create a dynamic web page from php.

5 With the help of php, you can store data in Database (mysql).

6 Data or content from the database can be dynamically displayed in the web page.

7 You can easily create a website like E-commerce from php.


One should have basic knowledge of html, css and javaScript before learning php.

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