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ms word editing group

1 Find

Use it to find (find) a particular word in text / content. If a text is in a document file, you can manually find it, but if a text is in two or more pages, it will take more time to find the text, so use this option to click on this option. A box will be open to find.

ms word find example

Type the text you want to find. ms word document file where this text will be highlighted.

To close this box, there is an icon of multiplication (x) in its top-right click on it.

Example 1




After typing this text in Ms word, type one of these names in the search box. The text will be highlighted.

2. Replace

ms word use it to change a particular word in the document content, if a text is one in a document file, then it can be manually changed but any text is in two or more pages and instead of this text someone If you want to display another text, then use it.

Clicking on this option opens a dialog box.

ms word replace example

Let's type in the text you want to find in Find what: Find what .

Replace with: type the text you want to display instead of the found text.

Example 2




For example, after typing Ajit in the Find What box and amcodestar in the Replace with box, clicking on the replace option will result in a text / word change. On clicking Replace all option, all the text / word will be changed simultaneously.

3. go to

Ms document file has two or more pages, such as 100 pages, you can use the scroll button of the mouse to go to 50 pages, but it will take more time so you can use the go to option here.


A paragraph is generated here.

(i) Look at the image below, it has a total of 3 pages and is currently in the first page.

ms word go to option example - amcodestar

Note: - To know how to generate a paragraph, read this chapter.

To go to 2 page, select Go to option by clicking in the drop down icon of find option, a dialog box will open.

ms word go to option example - amcodestar

इसमे Enter page number box मे 2 typeकरनेके बाद goto button मे click करें । इस तरह बहुत सारे page होने पर go tooption कि help से जा सकते है ।     

In this, after typing 2 in the Enter page number box, click in the go to button. In this way, if there are many pages, you can go with the help of go to option.

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