Ms word File menu

There is a tab bar under the title bar, it is also called a menu bar. The first option in the tab bar is of the file menu. On clicking the File menu, this type of screen is displayed in the computer / laptop.

ms word file menu option - amcodestar

The option to be displayed in this is as follows -

1. New

Let's use the new option to create a new document file. By clicking in it, you can create a new document file by selecting a blank document or a template, you can create more than one document file by using this option. All document file is displayed below ribbon.

ms word file name - amcodestar

You can create a new blank document by clicking the left button of the mouse in the white box displayed on the right side of the document file name (my file). It has a shortcut key (ctrl + n) .

2. Open

open uses another ms word document file to open after clicking this option click on this PC or browse option a dialog box will open ms word document file in computer / laptop to which disk / folder (location ), Open it, select the document file, then click in the open option, if you do not want to open , click in the cancel option.

open ms word file

In chapter 2, a word document from my file name was saved in the desktop, so we are opening it.

Note: - Without using the open option of Ms word, you can also open the ms word file by double clicking it in any location within the disk / folder in the computer.

3. Save

(Note: - We have learned this option in the previous chapter. 1)

4. Save as

Save as is used to save the word document file in computer or laptop, it works like a save option, but with this option you can create a duplicate document file. is .

open ms word file

1. From this option, double-click this pc option with the left button of the mouse, such a screen will be displayed.

save as ms word file

2. Change this file name and click in save option, a duplicate word document file will be created.

For example, here my file name has been changed and saved with my file123 name.

5. Close

This option is used to close the Ms word document file. This option closes the current document file.

ms word file name

Apart from this, clicking the icon of a multiplication (x) in the right side of my file name with the left button of the mouse also closes the document.

Note : - Beginner student will learn other option of File menu like print etc .. in the next chapter, do not use these option now.

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