Ms word Insert tab

In ms word hometab is followed by insert tab. To use inserttab, click with the leftbutton of the mouse. A computer or laptop will have this kind of screen display.

Ms word home tab and ribbon

Ms word insert tab and ribbon

All the options in the insert tab are divided into 10 groups in ribbon.

1 pages

2 Tables

3 Illustrations

4 Add – ins

5 Media

6 Links


8 Header & footer

9 Text

10 Symbols

You will know in detail the option given in all these groups

1 pages

The Pages tab of the Insert tab has three options.

ms word pages group

ms word pages group

(i) coverpage

The first page of a book, notes, can be made with this cover page option. There are many coverpage by default in it, to use them, click on it, a box of coverpage will open.

Select any of these coverpages.


Like, some text type has been done by selecting a coverpage here.

Ms word Cover page example

Ms word Cover page example

To remove the cover page, select the remove current cover page option.

(ii) blank page

Let's use this option to add a newblank page between two pages in the Ms word document file.


Here ms worddocument file has 4 pages of textcontent and after 2 number pages have some paragraphcontent, then to insert text, click on the blank page option after insertionblink cursor at the end of this page.

Ms word blank page example

The new blank page will be added before the total page was 4, now the total page has been 5. You can write any text content in this blankpage. Like here is written in page3.

Ms word blank page example

(iii) Pagebreak

To display the paragraphcontent of the Ms word document file on another page, we use page break. To use it, click on this option after inserting the insertion blink cursor at the end of the paragraphcontent. This will cause the textcontent after the insertionblink cursor to be displayed in another page.


Here has been written twice in a page and the insertion blink cursor pointer is the end of the first line that

Ms word page break example

Ms word page break example

After this, the page break option is clicked, so that the second line of is displayed in page 2.

Ms word page break example

Previously the total was page 1, now it has been 2 and the text of the second line has gone to page 2.

In this way, a paragraph content can be displayed on another page.

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