Ms word Styles group

The default formatting for text in the Styles group is given by clicking on the drop down arrow icon and after selecting one of these, the text is displayed in that formatting.

ms word style group - amcodestar

After typing in Ms word, you can use this option, for this select the text, then use the styles option.

Example :

Type a 5 line text / paragraph, then select all and use the style option.

Note: To generate a paragraph, type = rand () formula and press Enter button.

1 Create a Style

In Styles group, the default formatting for text is given, apart from this, you can use create style to create custom style.

2 Clear Formatting

Let's use this option to remove the formatting of a text.

Example :

ms word clear formatting example - amcodestar

After selecting amcodestar here, clicked in the clear formatting option.

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