Ms word Status bar

There is a status bar at the bottom of the ms word, the option to be displayed in it is as follows -

status bar

(i) page

In this, the page number of the ms word document file is displayed. With this option, you can easily find out how many pages are in the document and which page number is present when there are many pages of document files.

(ii) Words

In this, the number of text words typed in the ms word document file is displayed.

(iii) read mode and layout

Ms word by default is displayed in the print layout , to change it, you can use the given read mode and web layout, to use these option, click with the left button of the mouse and select the layout will be changed.

(iv) zoom in & out

On the right side of the status bar, the page gets an option to zoom in and zoom out. You can zoom the page up to 500% and zoom in up to 10% by clicking in the (+) icon to zoom in and (-) icon to zoom out.


(i) Look at the image below, it has a total of 3 pages and is currently in the first page.

(ii) The total words in it is 1195.

(iii) This page is in print layout. Try clicking in read mode and web layout .

(iv) This page has been zoomed in 170%.

status bar example

Note: - Read this chapter to know how to generate a paragraph that has the text ms word displayed in it by default text.

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