How to delete the text in Ms word ?

To delete any text / letter, the two buttons on the keyboard use Backspace and Delete . You can use either of these two buttons to delete the text.

1.Use the keyboard's Backspace button to delete the text

Whatever the alphabet letter / text or number needs to be deleted, after pressing the vertical blink cursor at the end, press the backspace button, right to left delete the backspace button text.


If you want to delete any text like text1, then press the backspace button after bringing the vertical blink insertion pointer cursor to the end of text1.

2. Use the delete button to delete the text

After pressing the vertical blink insertion cursor at the start of whatever alphabet letter / text or number you want to delete, we press the delete button to delete the delete button text left to right.

To delete two or more letters / text / sentence etc .. simultaneously select them by dragging them with the help of mouse or press (Ctrl + a) button followed by Backspace / Delete one of the two buttons. Press




Select these text, then press Backspace / Delete button and delete it.

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