What is ms word ?

Microsoft word is a computer application program or word processing software. Microsoft developed it as Microsoft word is also called Ms word. It is a part of Microsoft office. With the help of Ms word, you can create a text document file to decorate the text of the document file. And you can display it in different font style, save it in the computer and can change it in this text document file if needed.

There are many versions of Microsoft office like Ms office 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 etc ..

Note: - Most of the computers, laptops have Ms office installed so they are not telling you to install.

How to open ms word?

You can open Ms word in three ways -

First way: using start button

start button - amcodestar

To open Ms word, click on start button, after clicking on Start button, a list of many programs / software will appear, on this list you will find Ms word, clicking on it will open Ms word.

Another way: using Type here to search

type here to search box - amcodestar

To open ms word, type ms word or winword or word in the type here to search box. Computer or laptop will have ms word display in the list of program / software and click on it to open ms word.

Note: - window 7, 8, xp etc .. all have search box to search the program / software.

Third method: using Run command

With the help of run command, you can open ms word, for this , press the windows + r button of the keyboard, a box will open, type winword in it, then click ok or press enter button ms word will be open.

run command - amcodestar

This type of option is displayed in the screen when Ms word is open -

ms word open first screen - amcodestar

1 Recent

A document file which has become the first computer in save his list Recent if the display on creating a Ms document file translation will not see a list in recent.

2 Templates

In the Templates list, first of all there is the option of blank document, select it to learn Ms word.

Apart from this, it contains pre-made document file. This templates can also be used to create a document file. This template is of different design. To use it, open any given template, after this, in this template One can create a document file in this way by changing the required text to be displayed / change and change its font style, color etc ..

Note: To learn the beginner student Ms word, select blank document.

A new document file opens upon selecting the blank document . This screen will be displayed in the computer or laptop.

ms word blank document - amcodestar

(1) What is Insertion Cursor pointer ?

When the blank document is open, a vertical line is blinking in the screen, it is called Insertion cursor pointer . This is the starting point for typing the text. When typing any text, the text starts with this pointer. Indicates the location of typing in the file. Its location can change according to the requirement.

(2) What is I beam mouse pointer ?

On bringing the mouse pointer to the page of Ms word document file, this pointer is displayed like I (I) alphabet letter. It is called I beam mouse pointer . Use it to select and deselect text, letter, number, word etc .. Let's use

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